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as olympic athletes from several companies including u.s. get terror threat messages. the pentagon relaxing rules on personal religious wear making it okay to have beards and wear turbins now. right or wrong. >>> governor cuomo said extreme conservatives aren't welcome in the empire state. the right to life march are calling for his head and questioning his tolerance. >>> a 20-year-old sensation on social media signs with a big sports agent with no formal fitness training? how does she do it? our female power panel weighs in. spectacular plot by al qaeda targeting u.s. embassy in tel aviv. israeli security forces arresting three palestinians they say recruit bid an operative working for the head of al qaeda. the multi-layer terror plot called for bombings, shootings and terror at several locations. the terror cell planned to launch simultaneous attacks sending foreign militants to attack our embassy and storming a conference center in jerusalem. more to come on that. >>> after reports of shots fired at university of oklahoma, school officials saying there's no evidence of shots fired, no wo
. tmz reports that its current pictures over to the pentagon last week. rt reach down to the pentagon for comment today. here's part of the statements they send back the actions depicted in these photos are not what we expect our service members nor do they represent the honorable and professional service of the more than two point five million americans when served in iraq and afghanistan the marine corps is currently investigating the veracity of these photos circumstances involved and if possible. the identities of the service members involved again these pictures have not yet been confirmed for accuracy. however if they are this could be yet another explosive revelation of bounce house on troops conducting themselves oversee its another discovery in january two thousand files showed us alters the infuriating on the bodies of dead insurgents. since this is horrifying images i spoke with jake deal of airtel is a political researcher at the university of birmingham. he first asked him what his initial impressions are. initially what a way that in the pros i began making some phone ca
. the marines and the rest of the u.s. military, the pentagon, tells us they're investigating this. it is a crime, piers, in the military to burn human remains or to take, possession or distribute personal photographs of human remains in anything other than an official capacity. so these men could be in some trouble. but one thing that the marines and others are going to have to determine is what unit they were in that's not clear. and what the identities of these men are, piers. >> what is the defense department saying about all this? >> reporter: they've issued a statement. commander bill speaks issued a statement a short time ago. he said "the actions depicted in these photos are not what we expect from our service members, nor do they represent the honorable and professional service of the more than 2.5 million americans who have served in iraq and afghanistan. the marine corps is currently investigating the veracity of these photos, circumstances involved, and if possible the identities of the service members involved. the findings from this investigation will determine whethe
and this is an agency within the pentagon. congress authorizes the agency to go to a certain limit and he can make that decision whether or not they should. the question is even if there are reforms, what confidence do we have they are abided by. the scandal in the bush years of the nsa there was a scheme in place that the bush administration disregarded and ignored it and both parties got together and discussed it. what we need are very strong safeguards and transparencies. most important to stop having this all be done behind a wall of secrets. if we the public know what they are doing and that is why it is imperative that mr. snowden came forward and shining a light on this. >> in fact, on twitter asking are you anticipating the progress. there is going to be a lot of em fi -- empty rhetoric. very little substance. no actual recourse for violations. no substantiative reform. >> you know -- >> go ahead. >> no, go ahead. >> you know, i was going to say, there are a couple of changes that he's proposing that are decent ones, like putting an advocate in the court and no longer is the government the
greater transparency at the pentagon, privatizing the postal service and overhauling the government's information technology purchasing system. this part runs about one hour 50 minutes. >> [inaudible conversations] >> mr. chairman? >> the committee will come to order. >> i ask unanimous consent to insert in the record at this point a copy of a report that my staff and i completed during the recess that shows that we saved somewhere about, in the neighborhood of half a billion dollars as a result of the committee's work in looking at conference spending, wasteful conference spending. nearly half a billion dollars, it's very significant, maybe you saw some reports about gsa savings, but we estimate again based on hearings that we did, and expanding that governmentwide -- >> the entire report will be placed in the record with no objection. we now go to our second panel of witnesses who have been patiently through, sat through the short no question period with the senators. mr. thomas schatz as president of citizens as president of citizens against government waste. mr. kris edwards is
driving the car is gregg bergersen. he's a civilian analyst at the pentagon with one of the nation's highest security clearances. his companion is tai shen kuo, a spy for the people's republic of china. bergersen knew a secret that the chinese desperately wanted to know, and neither man knows that what they're about to do is being recorded by two cameras the fbi has concealed in their car. >> let you have the money. >> oh, oh. are you sure that that's okay? >> yeah, it's fine. >> welcome to 60 minutes on cnbc. i'm bob simon. in this edition, we turn our attention to some foreign intrigue. first, a story about a mysterious computer virus that struck an iranian nuclear plant. later, the report of how american agents hunted a notorious arms dealer. and finally, an account of a chinese-american spy trying to steal u.s. military secrets for china. we begin with the story of stuxnet, a computer virus considered to be the world's first destructive cyberweapon. it was launched several years ago against an iranian nuclear facility, almost certainly with some u.s. involvement. but as steve k
. and the report says the pentagon, whose closest fighter jets were more than five hours away were not prepared to respond to the attacks. committee republicans also issued a blistering attack on former secretary of state hillary clinton, who last year tried to rebut charges of a cover-up. >> what difference at this point does it make. it is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from happening again, senators. >> reporter: but the republican committee members blamed clinton, citing at the end of the day she was responsible for the safety of our americans serving in our diplomatic facilities. her failure to do so clearly made the difference in the lives of our four murdered americans and their families. that will be fodder for any presidential campaign. >> she herself says the buck stops at the top, and she was in charge of this at the state department at the time. >> reporter: hillary clinton office referred all questions back to the state department which tonight said we are focused on the security of our embassies and will leave politics to the others. >>
is the commander in chief. of the armed forces, and this is an agency within the pentagon. there is a lot they can do. congress authorizes the agency to go to a certain limit, but they don't have to go to that limit and he makes the decision whether they should. but even if there are reforms what confidence do they have that they will be abided by. the scandal in the bush years there was a scheme in place called fisa that the bush administration ignored it. both parties got together in 2008 and did nothing about it other than pass a new law that makes it retro actively legal. it is important to have this stop being done behind the wall of secrecy. the only real check on the abuse of power is if we the public knows what they are doing. >> glen, you mentioned having confidence in our reforms, and you are doppelganger here said: >> samuel says: >> then zachary says: >> you know, glen-- >> go ahead. >> you know, i was going to say there are a couple of changes, and he's proposing that are decent ones like putting an advocate in the fisa courts. but the history of the united states in the last 50 years
in the pentagon said what is the greatest threat we face in the united states? he said the greatest threat is our national debt. that got a lot of attention. our national debt is a little above her team trillion dollars was a little above $13 trillion, and is now above $17 trillion. what would you say now? >> thank you for doing this. thank you, pete, for your organization. i think what you are doing is critical and i would say it is good you are young because this is a long haul. it is not going to happen quickly, but please persist. this seat affords me an opportunity to watch my car gets towed away because it is in the snow emergency route, i am sure. [laughter] i was telling bill earlier, i cannot remember the forum that was there when the reporter asked me that question. but i have given it a lot of thought. from a very strategic level i believe that the military is part of the solution to better outcomes throughout the world. and at a higher level it is about the economy. i focus a lot of my time on relationships with countries who were key economic engines in the world. whether it was braz
conference at the pentagon and announced 37 air force officers and other personnel involved in missile situations both for drug use and cheating. this stems from an investigation that began a few weeks ago at the air force base in montana where two officers were stripped of their responsibilities after it was found that they were using drugs while on duty. that investigation then spread to other air force bases where they were apparently getting their drugs, and the air force has discovered a network up to 37 people engaged not only passing each other drugs but helping one another learn how to cheat on some of the proficiency tests and how to be officers i n the missile silos, they have to pass certain exams and the allegations are out there that some of these officers were cheating on th on the exams to p their jobs. these certificates have to sit in the silos day after day without much prospect that they'll have to do anything. it's long been a challenge to keep them from being bored and faced allegations of drug and alcohol use, and you may have people in these nuclear missile silos
to the pentagon sxcht the pentagon was not talking to the intelligence community. we just don't know who and why? who decided not to tell the military that there was an imminent threat? who decided not to tell the state department and cia that that a facility was doing something as a consulate and not just issuing visa. >> doesn't the cia disclose that stuff? >> yes. you don't have things operating and not knowing what is going on. no one explained what the consulate was doing. they issue visas and they look for lost luggage. they were paramilitary units. >> will we get more answers or does this put an end to something? >> i am sure a lot of people hope it is the end of something. but we need a special prosecutor and dedicated committee. i was in the white house in watergate. the administration hopes this is it. and done no one faults and everybody's fault and no one is held to blame. it is encumbent on congress to say four people died. we don't know who made the decisions that were so bad and we don't know why. we need a special prosecutor or committee that has subpoena power and cut deals and
behavior. >> pentagon officials say in september a launch officer at malmstrom air fort base in montana allegedly texted other officers' answers to a monthly proficiency test. >> some officers did it. others apparently knew about it, and it appears they did nothing or at least not enough to stop it or to report it. >> the officers have been relieved from missile crew c security and their duties suspended. the chief say it has more do with lack of integrity than a lapse of knowledge. >> it's hard to cover up confidence in cheating when you're going have a monthly simulator with two instructors actually watch you conduct practical production. you can't hide that. >> the can zal appears to be isolated to the malmstrom base. >> they have to look at commanders two levels up to see what would make them think could get away with it. >> reporter: every launch officer in the air force is being tested this week. now, the cheating scandal came to light during a drug investigation that involves 11 officers, two of them among this -- involved in this cheating scandal. the pentagon says that they are
of that. he gave the documents from the nsa and gave them to journalist organizations. host: the pentagon papers? guest: yes, like the whistleblower for the pentagon papers. what is interesting is the president's comments yesterday -- one of the things the president said is, this debate will make us stronger. we would not be having this debate without edward snowden. if i was his- lawyer that is one of the first things i would tell the jury. how could you be charging this person as a traitor when the president himself said he has made the country stronger? didn't the president take credit for starting this debate before the leaks? guest: there was no debate before the leaks. i have been following this issue very closely. the nsa does what it wants. this is the first time since the wiretapping scandal of the bush administration and before that, the scandals that involved the church committee -- led to the beenh committee, there has almost no pushback on nsa spying. with regards to the comments of -- of spying as much as possible in the u.s., that is the attitude used in the
they already knew the answer. the pentagon today presented the white house with the plan to leave 10,000 troops in afghanistan after the end of this year. the also proposes we withdraw almost all forces by the end of the president's second term a shorter time line them the military had proposed. there also telling the president if he rejects this newest proposal he should withdraw our entire military by the end of the year. the pentagon relaxing rules governing religious and apparel in facial hair regulations for troops in uniform. for now it will be easier to request religious accommodation and striven from soldiers like this are the special was the first enlisted soldier to be granted religious accommodation. now to the growing concerns over the winter olympics. the united states and other european countries are revealing they have received messages containing terrorist threats ahead of the upcoming games in sochi. the ioc downplayed those threats. they say they were rand of messages from a member of the public but american officials are taking -- are not taking them lightly their offering to
department and pentagon documents, which had been in wikileaks' possession, onto the internet. when we interviewed assange, he was already under investigation by the justice department for publishing classified material and possible violations of the espionage act. he was also under house arrest in britain, fighting extradition to sweden in connection with two sexual assault cases, which he has called part of a smear campaign against him. in what is still his most extensive television interview, assange talked to us about the idea behind wikileaks and the prospect of facing criminal charges in the united states. i mean, you've been called a lot of names. you've been characterized as a hero and as a villain, a martyr, terrorist. >> i'm not yet a martyr. >> right. >> let's keep it that way. >> for now, julian assange is holed up on this bucolic 600-acre english estate with an ankle bracelet, a 10:00 curfew, and a slow internet connection. he declined to talk to us about the allegations in sweden on the advice of his attorney but proclaims he is innocent. well, i suppose if you have to be
is at the pentagon. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie and norah. this appears to be the biggest cheating scandal ever to hit the nuclear missile force, and it was uncovered in the course of a drug investigation into the possession of recreational drugs by missile launch officers. 34 launch officers at montana's moundstrom air force base were sharing answers in relation to a monthly proficiency test. >> let me state this a different way. there was cheating that took place with respect to this particular test. >> reporter: according to top air force officials, a launch officer last september allegedly texted the answers to other officers at the base. >> we've desertcertified all 34 officers involved. >> reporter: there's no indication it went to other missile bases at minot, north dakota, where secretary hagel spoke there just last week. launch officers also perform monthly drills simulating emergency war procedures. so cheating on a written test does not necessarily mean they don't know their duties. >> it's hard to cover up incompetence chea
later on our program schedule. we will take live to the pentagon now for the briefing with john kirby. >> the appropriations bill provides our department for necessary funding with critical investments and an increase in pay and investments. civilians continue training. militaryhat supports operations in afghanistan. congress has debated the defense budget and secretary hagel has worked to provide artifacts and analysis about sequestration pauses impact on the department and the ability to carry out the mission around the world, and preserving our readiness has been the number one priority. additional funds will certainly help us ensure that our troops can do what they joined the force to do. it does not solve every problem but gives us a measure of stability. visited brooke army medical center in texas to visit with our wounded warriors. he met a medically retired army sergeant wounded in iraq. he continues to receive rehabilitation care there. the sergeant is one of the young people.y retired the secretary is pleased it includes a fix that will exempt medicare the best medically ret
of their prisoners. the pentagon saying they continue to work towards his safe and immediate release. meantime growing concerns now about how tough the irs will get when it comes to getting people signed up for obama care. it's responsible for collecting that penalty from those who don't enroll. this the same agency responsible for what you see on the screen right now. these taxpayer funded line dancing videos. going to the left and going to the right. margerie, former consultant to the obama campaign. haley, founder of political prospects. you guys are on the left and the right, right? >> somewhere in the middle. >> margerie, let me start with you. we see those videos. you've got to chuckle. but it's not so funny when the irs may be coming after people, millions of people, who think i'm just going to skirt this obama care thing. they might be hit with what's called, sounds nice, shared responsibility payment from the irs. >> the irs is not my favorite topic because i was doing taxes all morning. i will say the penalty is designed to be run by the irs but ultimately what it's doing is feeding
. >> reporter: tony, the pentagon had a news conference in which the air force secretary and chief of staff reveal that officers used text messages to help one another pass a monthly proficiency exam. 16 of the officers cheated and another 17 knew about it and did not report the violations. there is another person stripped of their responsibilities because of alleged drug use. here's what debra lee james, secretary of the air force, had to say this afternoon. afternoon. >> this is absolutely unacceptable behavior and completely contrary to our core values in the air force, and the number one core value for us is integrity. i'm profoundly disappointed in the airmen involved in this, and i've directed immediate actions take place. >> reporter: including stripping those officers of their access to classified information, removing them from the missiles silos. furthermore the investigation goes into drug use. it was the drug use that started the investigations. there was allegation that there was drug use in the air force in montana that spread to five other air force bases. 34 officers at mael
colleagues in the pentagon discuss that in the state department. what i want to talk about is thebethe berg dahl family, having him come home safely to his parents, that's what we're looking to see. what we've got legions of supporters, idaho, hometown of haley idaho but throughout the country. that's what they are leaning on. >> the entire company. the pentagon will have a press conference. they may speak about this in a few minutes. colonel, thanks much for your time. >> thanks for having me. >>> police in indiana searching for clues after a terrifying supermarket shooting. it happened in elkhart. three people including the shooter killed last night. police say the gunman had no ties to anyone at the store. >> we have no reason to believe that anybody else was involved with this other than him. i don't believe anybody there knew what his name was or had any physical interaction with him. they just knew him by sight. >> investigators identifying the suspect as 22-year-old baer. >> the corner of his eye, the incredible catch coming up. >>> crews battling a wildfire as they try to contain a
to the pentagon. and in his big historic speech last week on the war on terror, president obama open talked about the drone program for the first time. and what he announced in the big landmark speech was to start to shift control from the supersecret literally covert cia to the defense department, which can be quite secretive, but which has an arguably more straightforward route to congressional and therefore public oversight. it sounds like a technical thing, but that would be a really important shift. i kind of wrote a whole book about how important that kind of shift would be. but that planned shift announced by the president last year is reportedly not happening. the secret measure in the federal budget plan restricts the use of any funding to transfer drones or the authority to carry out drone strikes from the cia to the pentagon. that's according to officials who spoke by anonymity. who included the measure? it mostly likely came from members of the house and senate appropriations committees but we don't know for sure because no one is officially talking about it. white house, no comment.
and joins us live from the pentagon. what is the latest, jennifer. >> reporter: the top u.s. commander in stan tan quietly came to washington to brief the white house national security staff about his recommended troop level for afghanistan post 2014. a senior official said that the eligible dunnford requested 10,000 troops to remain in afghanistan after 2014, the wall street reported the details of the meeting and said the u.s. would withdraw all troops to 0 option before president obama leaves office in 2017. officials say it would allow the president to end both the iraq and afghan wars and represents a shorter time frame that military planners suggested u.s. troops would be needed to stabilize afghanistan. the quick return of iraq where all troops pulled out say it is a cautionary tale and the co for troops to stay in afghanistan and rests in the hands of hammid karzi who has to step down in april and refusing to sign a bilateral security agreement that would protect u.s. troops after this year. now it seems as if karzi signs, president obama may not agree to leave any troops in af
it to be an army state. people have died in clashes of the constitution. >> the pentagon has suspended 34 u.s. air force office olds -- officers. nearly 200 missile crew members will have to reset the tests. accessing computers even if they are not connected to the internet. nsa andsaid the potential cyber attacks. >> all electronic devices amid some kind of radio wave. they pick up the soviet embassy typing on typewriters on the each key would leave a different radio signature. this is a significant expansion of that technology. moste nsa is trying to get ordinary computer networks, it taps into the telephone and optical cables that run across the atlantic or maybe regional cables. they are isolated from the internet. they have done it with a series of small circuit boards that have transceivers built into them that can broadcast up to eight miles away. it requires a human being to put that small device in the computer but they do that either on the factory line or intercepting the shipping. the scientist, maybe a maintenance person. >> who is the u.s. targeting with these? >> they are targeting
the pentagon is scrambling to get to the bottom of it as quickly as they can. in the nuclear weapons business, there's no room for sloppiness or miss behavior among the people who have their finger on the triggers of the u.s. arsenal. it started with a probe into illegal drug possession but led investigators to an air force cheating scandal. nearly three dozen airmen. some cheated on a pro efficiency test last august in september. all involved have been desert find and restricted from miss l crew duty. the cheating was accomplished using text messages. >> this is absolutely unacceptable behavior and it is completely contrary to our core values in the air force. as everybody here knows the number one core value for us is integrity. >> there's a long list of scandals. just last month, an air force major was fired because he drank too much and got into trouble in russia. and in the nuclear arsenal business where there's no room for error, a little thing like napping on the job is a major security issue. the defense secretary recently visited one of the missle bases. >> how important your work is
a soldier for four years. he was serving in a remote part of safe began began -- afghanistan. the pentagon shows the health of the 27-year-old is declining. it is the 6th video of him since his capture and they and they are trying to have peace talks with him. >>> president barack obama will announce his response to the surveillance operations at the national security agency but the president is not about to call for the ending their program which tracks on every telephone call made and received in the u.s. and instead, aides say they will change specifics to the congress. one change they are expected to announce, restrictions on eavesdropping on conversations. >>> the president and first lady are hosting a summit for low income and disadvantaged students. secretary of homeland security janet napolitano is among the more than 100, university presidents expected to attend. others will be there as well. >>> jim harbaugh zero and his wife won. sarah harbaugh told them she is tired of her husband's wardrobe which consists of a black 49ers sweatshirt tucked into his pants and he looks like rain
sounded on the may 20 for -- may 23 speech. senior pentagon officials testified before the armed services committee. they said that this sounded like a human rights nightmare of endless war. why on the left side, the human ishts community -- the aumf this horrible endless war. one thing works better than the aumf and that is what we proposed, codifying some authority that pulls away the fiction that this is winding down to an end. from the human rights community point of view, there is actually something worse than the aumf. no aumf. from the right cost point of view, there were a lot of people on the right who would agree in principle, ideally, you'd want to document that reflects the war we are actually fighting. here's the problem. as you open it up, they are free to limited. optiondy has a preferred . they go different directions. everybody's second-worst option is the current status quo. that is why we will continue living under the very old document and interpreted at any given moment in time to allow us to do the things that we are doing. if i sound contemptuous of this is a compro
. they were looking at it from sort of 30 or 40,000 feet. the other problem in the pentagon that i talk about that relates to all of these issues, is that there are so many different elements of the department of defense who have to be on board, who have to agree to move anything forward, that any one of those elements, whether it's the money people or the technology people or the budgeteers or whatever, can basically slow down or stop something from happening. only the secretary of defense has the authority to override everybody in the building and say, we're just going to do it. >> host: in other words, it requires a leader with a considerable will power and commitment to getting this thing done. i want to ask you -- >> guest: there's nothing like getting the attention of the senior military and the pentagon as a whole, like firing some people. >> host: which you did. a lot of. >> guest: i know people -- my attitude was, in the case of both walter reed and the nuclear issue -- which is back in front of us when i fired both the chiefs of staff and the secretary of air force -- i didn't fire
attacks during the games. the state department issued a travel alert for americans and the pentagon will have ships and aircraft on standby. >> the balance of power in virginia changes on a special election. >> doug hill tells us what to expect with the winter storm headed our way. >> the wizards and the 76ers played. the redskins get another new coach. the internet is blowing up with richard sherman antics. he has a quick tongue. pollsless than 12 hours, will open in parts of loudoun and fairfax counties for a special election that could shift the balance of power in virginia. >> the election will go on as scheduled despite the winter storm. jeff goldberg joins us with what is at stake. polling places like this will be open tomorrow regardless of how much snow we get in regardless of any possible clue -- school closings. the campaigns are encouraging their supporters to vote early in this election that is being watched closely across the commonwealth. if she wins tomorrow, democrats will likely gain control of the state senate and that is something she reminds voters whenever she h
. three years ago, 2010 a random reporter in the pentagon said the admiral mullen and what's the greatest threat we face in the united states? and he said the biggest threat we have torn national security is our national debt. that got a lot of attention to our national debt was a little about $13 trillion but it's now a loop of $17 trillion. why did you say then? are you at all encouraged what's happened and would you say begin? >> thanks, bill, for doing this. and steve, for you and your organization but i think what you're doing is critical. and i would say you are young because this is a long haul. it is going -- it isn't going to happen quickly but please persist. i'm delighted to double to spend some time. the storm issue is a terrific issue but i know it is not -- the seat does afford me the opportunities but there's no snow after to watch my car gets towed away because it's in a snow emergency routes, i'm sure. [laughter] it really is i was telling bill earlier, i can't actually remember the forum, if you will, that was there when reporter asked me that question. but i have given
: david martin at the pentagon for us tonight. david, thank you. a critical report tonight blames american diplomats and intelligence officers for failing to prevent the attack on the u.s. mission in benghazi, libya. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed. the report is the result of a bipartisan senate investigation. here's nancy cordes. >> reporter: the senate intelligence committee handles documents so sensitive it mostly holds its hearings behind closed doors. after reviewing the benghazi attack for 15 months, the committee determined that the intelligence community: intelligence community: their report finds: it all led the defense intelligence agency to warn in june of 2012. f 2012. 6- >> the pentagon agreed predicting: agreed predicting: >> was the intelligence adequate? and the answer is yes. >> reporter: california democrat dianne feinstein chairs the senate intelligence committee. why do you think that the state department didn't beef up security at the compound or close the compound in the face of all of these warnings? >> i can only say that it should ha
unacceptable behavior. >> reporter: pentagon officials say in september, a launch officer at an air force base in montana allegedly texted other officers' answers to a monthly proficiency test. >> some officers did it. others apparently knew about it and it appears that they did nothing or at least not enough to stop it or to report it. >> reporter: the officers have been removed from missile crew duty and their security clearance is suspended. the air force' top general says the cheating appears to have more to do with the lack of integrity than a lapse of knowledge. >> it's hard to cover up incompetence cheating one time on a test. when you're going to have a monthly simulator with two instructors watching you actually conduct the practical application of this knowledge in a simulator, you can't hide that. >> reporter: the scandal appears to be isolated to the malmstrom base. >> the air force has to look not only at what's happening in that silo; they have to look at the commanders probably two levels up to see what would make these people think they could get away with this. >> reporter: ev
but a little bit cooler. >>> the pentagon is launching an investigation into potentially bad photos. >>> and why restaurants are complaining put it may put them out much business. . >>> welcome back, we want to take you live to southern california and you can see from the pictures, fire burning very close to some homes there and this is the glenn dora area it is in and near the national forest area and firefighters are saying that the fire is moving away from the homes but again dry windy weather certainly is causing some very scary conditions down there and flames are now burning dangerously close to some of those homes and in southern california they like us have been very dry and they have a red flag warning in effect and it and it almost looks like a fire in the foreground and again some homes in the area will bring you more information on that fire. >>> the pentagon is opening some photographs and it shows a group of marines burning iraqi dead militants. it shows two others pouring gasoline on two bodies and under the code, mishandling remains in a war zone, it is considered a
for years. tonight, our pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski takes us underground for a closer look at this high-stakes assignment. >> reporter: ten stories underground locked behind massive doors that could withstand a nuclear blast. these nuclear missile launch officers are at the tip of the sphere. working side by side over 24 hour shifts, they literally have their fingers on the nuclear triggers. but outside these bunkers, the core has been rocked by the largest cheating scandal in air force history. 34 nuclear launch officers at malmstrom air force base in montana have been pulled off the mission and their security clearances suspended, accused of cheating on exams. >> it is completely unacceptable. we'll get to the bottom of it and hold people appropriately accountable. >> reporter: the officers are accused of cheating on the very exams aimed at testing their ability to do their jobs. >> cheating or tolerating others who cheat runs counter to everything we believe in as a service. >> reporter: it gets worse. this cheating scandal was uncovered during an investigation into al q
the pentagon or the c i a to control the u s drone program. that story right ahead. and it's that he seeks a deal could benefit ali what internet activists worry that the actual put too much power in the hands of the entertainment industry will tell you more coming out and it was since the chemical spill and less for dsl for that. officials have told residents is off itunes and won her last year i will have an update on the one week later and shout a fan. thursday january sixteen i want. the idea that you're watching e. the nz day with the news that another innocent civilian has become the victim of the u s drone strike in yen and the attack was not to have been intended for suspected islamic militants in the southeastern part of the country. however it took the life of a farmer instead. witnesses say the farmer had been walking home in the village of our hotel early wednesday when he was dropping killed by the shrapnel of two rockets according to reuters the local government official has confirmed a report has declined to give further details. this attack comes just a month after the mass
they all were sent to the pentagon, the pentagon set, we are discussing the ver veracity of the photographs, the identity of the service members involved, the findings from this investigation will are determine if we are raibl to move forward with any investigation of wrongdoing. dr. manuel superville, and with me from washington, d.c. is pran brandon freedman. who served in afghanistan and iraq in 2002 and 2003. author of the war i always wanted. colonel. what is your response to these pictures? >> i saw the pictures. they reminded me of my time in afghanistan. as the senior judge advocate or lawyer for u.s. and coalition forces. one of my many duties there was to look at and investigate any kind of allegations of wrongdoing of war crimes by u.s. or coalition forces. and so it brought back a lot of memories. >> you had to investigate somewhat similar situations? >> in one case, in particular, it was in fact a situation involving the burning of taliban bodies. >> brandon, you were a platoon leader in afghanistan and iraq. what did you think when youst s? >> obviously it's not something you
concerns about security at the olympics. the pentagon has revealed a contingency plan in case americans need to be evacuated from the games. the navy will have two ships stationed in the black sea just in case. there's already been one apparent security breach. a woman the russians call a black widow, who may be planning a suicide attack. here's abc's brian ross. >> reporter: authorities believe the young woman arrived in the sochi area about a week ago, somehow making it past the ring of security set up to protect the olympic games. over the weekend, police distributed this wanted poster to hotels and at the airport for a so-called black widow terrorist. she was identified as 22-year-old ruzanna ibragimova of dagestan whose husband was killed in a shootout with police last year, and security experts say she is not likely to be traveling alone. >> when it's women, they tend to operate in teams of two, and it's very unlikely that they would just send one of these teams into sochi. >> reporter: some 80,000 security personnel have been sent to sochi to create what russian president putin c
it sound like the pentagon was suddenly ordering 80,000 blackberries. essentially what has happened it shows blackberry is dominant in the beltway, specifically with the pentagon. the dod is launching this new network on january 31. 90 eight percent of the devices theybe hooked up to it -- are blackberries. for everyone saying, forget it. piper is gone. certainly among government circles, they are still very much the dominant force. >> thank you for putting them in perspective. we want to keep you updated on more breaking news after the closing bell. pimco's manager will be replaced .y hodge for on the markets, i am alex. ♪ .
that service the pentagon will run until 11:00 a.m. to account for the federal government's two-hour delay. metro rail will run on a normal weekday schedule as was vre. you'll have to keep a close eye on schedules if you take marc or amtrak. marc says all three lines will operate on an s schedule, and the last train on the brunswick line will leave 40 minutes late to take into account the two-hour delay. amtrak says both acela express and the northeast regional will be on a modified absolutely, so you can expect fewer trains to be running today. >>> if you decide to dig out your car and drive, give yourself a lot of extra time. these are the conditions that one of our producers found in montgomery county on his way in. a lot of the streets he drove on had been plowed at least once. there is still a coating of snow and, in some places, maybe ice as temperatures are in the single digits right now. we are keeping an eye on road conditions across maryland, the district, and virginia to make sure you know what you're getting into in you have to head out. megan mcgrath live on the beltway near t
and equip the guard as an operational reserve. at a time when the pentagon must dig very deep for savings in their programs and agencies, the guard remains a valuable investment. we have to make a lot of very hard choices in the appropriations committee with respect to how we allocate our resources, very limited resources and the defense department is coming under a great deal of stress. but i want you to consider this. the most recent report of the reserve force's policy board, the rfpb, concluded that a national guard member cost about 1/3 of their active component counterpart. this would translate into nearly $2.6 billion of savings for every 10,000 positions shifted from a full-time to a part-time status. what's more, the army national guard provides 32% of the army's total personnel and 40% of its operating force while only consuming 11% of the army's budget. that represents a value to this country and frankly to the taxpayer. and i mean no disrespect to anybody, but i think we have to understand the real value of this national guard to the taxpayer. the air guard, the air national g
to focus on the middle east. from a security standpoint, pentagon standpoint, it is my belief that is probably all the resources we'll have certainly in this downturn. it will turn, you look at budgets through decades it will turn around at some.but we'll knot have a lot of ability to focus on the continent of africa or latin america in next couple years. we're about year three of a 10-year cycle where the budget eventually comes back and we should stay engaged the best we can but impact of those two centers is really important. our relationships with our friends in particular in the pacific, asia-pacific, our relationship with india, can we emerge in the future in a constructive way with china? i just did a completed a commission with, on energy security, having an energy security policy with dennis blair, mike hagee, dennis ross, john hannah and we haven't, we have an opportunity i think in the energy world to work with china as they become the biggest consumer in the world. we have found resources. the right word is energy abundance in the united states, not energy independ
assured more civilian oversight. right now, it really is part of the pentagon and part of the military chain of command. he will endorse a widely supported proposal to put an independent privacy advocate in the fisa courtroom, and is expected to support greater protections for non-u.s. citizens, a move geared toward restoring trust among key european allies. but he's also going to call for more oversight over any of the surveillance on when it comes to foreign leaders. of course, it's classic obama. staking a middle ground that tries to stay consistent with the values he campaigned on in 2008, but also tries to recognize his duty to protect the country from national security threats. it's worth noting how agress everly the white house is pushing back on two "the new york times" stories, the first earlier this week, reporting that the president would keep the surveillance programs intact, and you could make an argument that he is not saying he wants to get rid of the entire program. so he wants to keep it intact, not how. second, this morning, narrating what the paper called obama's pat
you. >> there's nothing like getting the attention of the senior military and the pentagon as a whole. likes firing some people. >> which he did a lot of from what i read in the book. >> my attitude was in the case of both walter reed and the nuclear issue which is back in front of us, when i fired both chief of staff and secretary of the air force didn't fire them for not knowing about the problem in the first place. i fired them because once they knew about it they didn't take it seriously enough. that is the kind of accountability that i think needs to be exercise more frequently in washington. speeds and she brought up the issue of firing how did you feel about losing stanley mcchrystal? >> well at first, i mean i felt he committed a terrible error and i say so in the book. giving access to this reporter and mcchrystal is probably one of the most effective combat generals we have had since world war ii. both as commander in afghanistan and as commander of the joint special operations unit in iraq and afghanistan. he did a lot of damage to our enemies and the people who were killin
, daniel ellesburg, once called the most dangerous man in america for his 1971 "pentagon papers" leak. hearing what he has to say about president obama's reform of the spy programs. >>> plus, polls show that bridget having -- that's bridgegate, sorry, having little effect on the opinions about christie. what does it say about his brand and maybe his future? we'll talk to an expert on that. but first, one of our favorite chris christie moments of the week brought to us by none other than jimmy fallon and the boss, bruce springsteen. ♪ some day governor i don't know when ♪ ♪ this will all end but till then ♪ ♪ you're killin' the workin' man ♪ ♪ who's stuck with governor christie ♪ ♪ for leading new jersey traffic jam ♪ imagine if everything you learned led to the one job you always wanted. at university of phoenix, we believe every education- not just ours- should be built around the career that you want. imagine that. ♪ nothing says, "you're my #1 copilot," like a milk-bone biscuit. ♪ say it with milk-bone. when i first started shopping for a hybrid... i didn't
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